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Prostate psa test preparation


    J Proteome Res ; 20 1 :01 Confidence in a peptide-spectrum match can be characterized by a score value given by the database search engines, and it depends on the information content and the quality of the spectrum.

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    The latter are influenced by experimental parameters, of which the collision energy is the most important one in the case prostate psa test preparation collision-induced dissociation. We examined how the identification score of the Byonic and Andromeda MaxQuant engines varies with collision energy for more than a thousand individual peptides from a HeLa tryptic digest on a QTof instrument.

    We thereby extended our earlier study on Mascot scores and corroborated its findings on the potential bimodal nature of this energy dependence.

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    Best performing methods differ for the three engines, suggesting that the experimental parameters should be fine-tuned to the choice of the engine.

    We also recommend a simple approach and provide reference data to ease the transfer of the optimized methods to other mass spectrometers relevant for proteomics.

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    We demonstrate the utility of this approach on an Orbitrap instrument.